Sound Stages

Panorama of Stage A

Stage A

Stage A is our largest and most technologically advanced sound stage. With over 5,700 square feet, you'll have plenty of room for multiple sets or a studio audience. The walls and roof of the studio are constructed with reinforced concrete and heavy insulation, making for a very quiet stage. The laser leveled floor helps keep camera and pedestal moves smooth. Equipped with De Sisti motorized lighting hoist system, lights can easily be set, raised or lowered with less labor and time. 208v power is available on the hoist through our adaptors. The ETC Ion Xe lighting console makes lighting cues easy. With one hundred sixty tons of silent air conditioning your talent and crew are assured their comfort.


Dimensions: 85’x68’ (5,780 sq. ft.) 26’ Grid, 22’ Hoist

Sound Stage Door: 16′ height x 9’11” width

Air Conditioning: 160 Tons

Cyc Curtains: 3 Wall Cyc & Black

Hoist Lighting System: De Sisti

Lighting Dimmer System: Rosco Entertainment Technology

Lighting Board: ETC Ion Xe

Lighting & Grip: Mole-Richardson, American Grip

Audience Rated: 250


Hoist Power

  • 208v power on hoist
  • 5000 amps available on hoist
  • 46 DeSisti motor driven lighting hoists with two 20 amp 3 phase and one 50 amp connector each
  • 6  DeSisti motor drive lighting hoists with four 20 amp 3 phase each

Floor Power

  • 6 Power Stations with two 20 amp 3 phase and one 50 amp connector each
  • One 100 amp 3 Phase Bull Switch w/ 5 pin connectors
  • One 300 amp 3 Phase Bull Switch w/ 5 pin connectors

Stage Diagram: Stage A

Stage A and B Comparison: Stage A & B Features

Stage B

Stage B is ideally suited for small to medium-sized productions. You will find this sound stage perfect for host wraps, product shots, talking heads, and corporate training videos. Power and dimmers are on the grid. 208v power is available on the grid through our adaptors. Just like Stage A, thick insulated walls and roof make for a quiet shoot. The floor has been laser leveled for smooth pedestal and dolly moves. Lighting grid is set at 22’ to give plenty of room for taller sets and flexible lighting styles. The adjacent producer’s lounge is ideal for being close to set while maintaining an exclusive private work area.


Dimensions: 45’ x 60’ (2,700 sq. ft.) 22’ Grid (4’ x 4’)

Sound Stage Door: 15’10” height x 9’9″ width

Air Conditioning: 70 Tons

Cyc Curtains: 360 wrap around Cyc & Black, 45’ Digital Green

Lighting Dimmer System: Rosco EntertainmentTechnology

Lighting & Grip: Mole-Richardson, American Grip


Grid Power

  • 208v power on grid
  • 3750 amps available on grid. 
  • 80 – 20 amp 3 phase outlets twist lock on lighting grid
  • 29 – 50 amp outlets 3-pin connectors on lighting grid

Floor Power

  • 5 Power Stations with 2-20 amp 3 Phase and one 50 amp connector
  • One 100 amp 3 Phase Bull Switch w/5 Pin connectors

Stage Diagram: Stage B

Stage A and B Comparison: Stage A & B Features

Lighting and Grip Equipment

We offer a variety of in-house lighting and grip equipment available with the rental of our sound stages. For a comprehensive list, see below.

Lighting & Grip List