JPConnelly set design; photo by Monica Orozco

Spotlight on "Haute Dog"

A dog-grooming competition series for HBO Max

Jax Media was one of the first production companies to return to shooting during the pandemic, when most television and film production companies had shutdown. Jax Media and HBO Max felt confident in moving forward with the production of Haute Dog after extensive research and planning.
Michael Miller, co-executive producer and executive in charge of production, worked with Mark Weissman, executive VP of production at HBO Max, and Brett Boydstun, senior VP of production of HBO Max, in preparing the show’s COVID-19 safety measures. Their foresight and meticulous planning was instrumental for a successful shoot during the pandemic.
Under Michael’s direction, the production followed all union COVID-19 protocols. Our studio facility gave Michael the needed physical space to help meet safety protocols. His strong leadership, along with the health safety supervisors and a cast and crew that followed the safety protocols without complaint, kept us all safe. As a testament, the production had no positive test results by the end of the four week shoot.
I would like to give Michael Miller a special thank you for not only choosing Arroyo West Studios for the production of Haute Dog, but also for his leadership. It was greatly appreciated.
I’m so pleased and thankful to have had Jax Media here at Arroyo West Studios shooting season one of Haute Dog. I want to thank the executive producers at Jax Media––Tony Hernandez, Séamus Murphy-Mitchell, Brooke Posch, Nicolle Yaron, Jess Rona and showrunner Abi McCarthy for their confidence in our studios.
It was truly a pleasure having Jax Media here at Arroyo West Studios, and I look forward to having them back in the near future!
Director of Sales Marketing/ Studio Manager
Arroyo West Studios