Band "I Prevail" films their new music video at Arroyo West Studios.

Spotlight on Blesscode Entertainment

I want to thank Blesscode Entertainment for choosing Arroyo West Studios to shoot two music videos for the rock group I Prevail. 

I can’t say enough about the creative and the visual effects prowess of this remarkable production company. Their producers, Phoenix Vaughn, Tanner Gordon, Veronika Graves, Ashley Haines, and writer/director Jensen Noen, are a powerful and highly creative team. Check out both of their music videos, Self-Destructionand “There’s Fear in Letting Go”.

Besides our good rates and amenities, the producers also chose Arroyo West Studios for our De Sisti Lighting Hoist System. After Justin Jones, Director of Photography, and Arthur Girgoryan, the Gaffer, scouted our studios and saw the lighting hoist system, they knew they had to shoot here. Immediately they realized the many advantages of our hoist system and how it would allow them to be more efficient and productive. Each lighting hoist has power and DMX built-in, saving the crew time and expense. The advantage of easily raising and lowering lights and green screens helped speed up the pre-light and made any changes easier and faster. It was a real game changer.

The band was great to work with and always kept their high energy for every take. I Prevail’s popularity has grown so much in such a short period of time, you’ll definitely be hearing and seeing a lot more of them in the near future. Check out the band’s website for more information about their latest music and more. Also, a big shout-out to their record label, Fearless Records.

It was a privilege having Blesscode Entertainment and I Prevail here at Arroyo West Studios. I’m looking forward to having them and their awesome crew back again soon!

Carl Schloetel

Director of Sales Marketing/ Studio Manager
Arroyo West Studios