Client Spotlight

Wheeler St. Woolsey St. produces “Rock and Doris (try to) Write a Movie.” 

Independent Filmmaker Michael Schlesinger comes to Arroyo West Studios. 

Dojohouse produces Melanie Martinez's new music videos

Dojohouse pulls together a highly skilled, creative team to bring to life the artistic vision of Melanie Martinez for her new music videos “Death” and “Void”. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Melanie Martinez coming to life.

Blesscode Entertainment returns with Falling in Reverse music video

The Blesscode crew returns with Falling In Reverse’s fiery new music video “Watch the World Burn”.

Blesscode Entertainment produces I Prevail’s new music videos

The young talent at Blesscode Entertainment certainly proved themselves to be the next generation of industry doers. A creative powerhouse, Blesscode put their heart and soul into two fantastic music videos for metal band I Prevail.

CBS produces Season 2 of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”

A big thank you to CBS, executive producer Eric Schotz, and executive in charge Meredith Fox, for choosing Arroyo West Studios to shoot Season 2 of Kids Say the Darndest Things. 

B17 Entertainment produces "Tik Tok New Year's Eve"

B17 Entertainment built the ultimate New Year’s Eve party house here at our studios. The talented production company is a promising new industry player with a focus on the younger generation and multi-platform programming. They were a blast to work with––we hope to have them back here soon.

Jax Media produces “Haute Dog” the new HBO Max series

Jax Media was one of the first production companies to return to shooting during the pandemic when most television and film production companies had shutdown. After extensive research and planning, Jax Media and HBO Max finally felt confident moving forward with the production of Haute Dog.