Independent film production.

"Rock and Doris (try to) Write a Movie"

An independent film produced by Wheeler St Woolsey St, LLC.

I want to give a big thank you to executive producer/writer/director Michael Schlesinger for choosing Arroyo West Studios to shoot his upcoming film, Rock and Doris (try to) Write a Movie.

The film is based on the play, “Seven Keys to Baldpate”. Michael brought together an wonderful cast of twenty-five actors, starring Marilu Henner , Joe Regalbuto, and Sara Ballantine.

The cast used our support spaces, which included the make up room, green room and dressing rooms. It worked out well, as there wasn’t a need to bring in trailers for the large cast, thus saving the production money.

The lighting crew used mostly tungsten lights. Many of the lights were from our studio. The DP and Gaffer mentioned they appreciated how fast they could work because of the lighting hoist system. Our six wall power stations and two bull switches made it easy to have power available everywhere on stage which helped the crew to set up or make lighting changes quickly.

I want to thank producer  Michael DerMeritt , DP Gary Tachell , Gaffer Stephen Crawford , production designer Daniel Berger, line producer/UPM Aislinn Paul and the entire crew for making everything run so smoothly. Everyone worked so well together and did an amazing job. They were like one big family. It was truly a pleasure having all of them here at Arroyo West Studios.

I wish Michael Schlesinger all the best with his new movie, and I hope to see everyone again soon for the next one!

Director of Sales Marketing/ Studio Manager
Arroyo West Studios