Melanie Martinez in costume.

Spotlight on Melanie Martinez

A big thank you to Danny Pollack  executive producer and owner of Dojohouse and producer Abi Perl for choosing Arroyo West Studios to shoot two new music videos for Melanie Martinez.
Dojohouse brought together a highly skilled and creative team to shoot Melanie Martinez’s music videos, Death and Void. Director of photography, Nyk Allen and gaffer James Swartz and the entire lighting crew greatly appreciated our lighting hoist system which helped them to be more efficient and productive. Nyk and James did an amazing job along with the entire crew.  
The look of the videos could not be achieve without the post design, VFX and color that was done by the creative and skillful team at Carbon. They did phenomenal work, bringing Melanie’s vision to the screen.
I admire Melanie’s creativity and the hard work she put into creating her music videos. She not only wrote and directed the content, but even designed her own costume. I found her to be highly creative, often using complex metaphors and symbolism in her lyrics and visuals. I can’t wait to see what she does next!
Director of Sales Marketing/ Studio Manager
Arroyo West Studios