Tik Tok New Year's Eve Special.

Spotlight on Production

 TikTok New Year’s Eve

We were privileged to have had B17 Entertainment here at our studios for the production of “TikTok New Year’s Eve”.

I want to thank B17 Entertainment and Emily Wolfe, executive in charge of production, for choosing Arroyo West Studios. It was an absolute pleasure having them here.

The production brought in All Mobile Video. Their mobile video production unit “Epic” was amazing. All the cabling from the unit went through our stage’s mouse holes. The mobile unit had plenty of room for parking in front of the stage, making quick and easy access for the video crew.

One of the things I found interesting about the production was their sets and props, made mostly from boxes. Very unique and clever, and looked great especially after being lit.

Gaffer A.J. Taylor and crew appreciated our De Sisti motorized lighting hoist system, which sped up the rigging process and gave them much needed flexibility.

I want to give a shout-out to Regina Leckel, line producer for the show. She was always ten steps ahead of everything and was great to work with.

Looking forward to having B17 Entertainment and their team back here again soon. Wishing them all the best!

Carl Schloetel

Director of Sales Marketing/ Studio Manager
Arroyo West Studios